Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Motivation

Motivation can happen on a Tuesday too, right? Yes. I think it can. Today is one of those days where I just don't feel like I have anything exciting to say. I know. I'm a blogger. I'm supposed to have stuff to say.

But I just don't!

So instead, I'm going to share with you my new absolute favorite saying. Absolute. No doubt.

I try really hard to play it off a lot of the times, but I can have issues with me thinking a million and one things are wrong about me. Paul is probably laughing right now because he gets to hear all of them and "playing it off" doesn't quite describe it.

But we're talking about the rest of the world, so bear with me.

I think everybody deserves to see this and think it and live it and love it. Because I'm lame. So I'm posting it for everybody to see. Thanks Heather. :)

What's your favorite motivational saying? What do you think of this one?


  1. Never give up, never, never, never! :)

  2. Only the strong survive. Cheesy but it gets me going when I'm fading in a workout!