Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid-terms are FUN.

Ciao. Sono stanca e affemata. Non ho il cibo perche ho una vacanza venerdi e non vuole comprare il cibo. Ma mangio Nutella stamattina con le mie dite. I had to look up that last part. So it might be wrong. Honestly, why would I know how to say my fingers? But everything else is right.

Sorry that this post is all over the place in every direction. I'm warning you now.

This, my friends, is the Aurelian Wall.

You see that wall up there? I have rammed into it and fallen to the ground. I have officially hit the wall of studying. 

You may call me overdramatic (oh ho ho, I'd be a Hellinistic statue if I've ever seen one), but my mind is so full of Art History facts that I don't even care what you think about me. I wouldn't care anyway, but those are details. This is really a blog post of procrastination. Hopefully, it also alerts you that I am surviving this week.

Some important things happened this week.

I dressed as a six year old for my Italian oral exam. 

Kids will be kids, I suppose.

It went well. Jules was a wonderful teacher and Sarah and I really played the part of kindergardeners extremely well. We got swively chairs to swivel on and clearly my hair is in pigtails. I'm very much a method actor.

And then I studied some more.
Oscar Mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a.

Last night I was studying for Anthropology. Did you know that Kertzer wrote about politics in Bologna with the issue of civil religion? Well he did. And thanks to Andrew Kurtz, I can remember that. So thanks, bud. I also couldn't handle pronouncing Bologna the sophisticated way that wouldn't disrespect a city in Italy and fell into a fit of giggles every single time. But that's where I am.

Now, don't get me wrong. Studying has been fun too. I mean, maybe not fun, but at least I was outside and it was beautiful weather. I studied in the Villa Borghese and I wouldn't have it any other way.


This is my study face. That's Paul's monster bug bite.


Also, you should be aware that the Art History exam went off without a hitch. Hopefully? I feel good about it. Which is good because I studied for it from Friday to Tuesday. Also my English one was last week. So you know. I'm not too stressed out.



I wrote about giraffes and the Olympics for one of my Anthropology essays. I hope he enjoys my quirky and adorable style.

Now I'm done studying. Homeworking. Functioning. Even though I have another midterm left. Sorry to disappoint anybody who has faith in my studying skills or my studious nature.

See, I'm being redundant.

But there's one thing keeping me going through all of this.

He looks like he's hugging me. It's precious.

I leave for Fall Break on Friday. I'mma make it. And in reality, I complained a lot in this post. But I'm doing alright! I'm not homesick! And besides not having food, life is GRAND. :)

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