Sunday, October 30, 2011

50 Little Things (Part I)

Okay. So the deal here is to write down a little thing that you are thankful for/that makes you happy. It started on October sixth and the goal is to get to fifty. This conveniently lands on Thanksgiving, so that by the time you get there, you'll have fifty things ready at the go to be thankful for. Today marks the halfway point, and I'd like to share it with you, because these are all things that really make me happy. I got the idea for this here, and I think it's great. :)

  • The Penis Game: I am happy it made me shout inappropriately outside of a gelato place in Rome and giggle about it like a little two year old. I'm also glad that I was able to win. Because I'm competitive like that.
These guys revolutionized it.
  • Dippy Eggs: I like that they take two seconds to make and that they taste so good. Bonus points if there's hot sauce. I also like that I call them dippy eggs.
  • Nutella Mouth: Or nose. I love it when you can tell somebody just ate Nutella. Also, Nutella fingers make me smile too.
So good.
  • Naps: Not an original "little thing," but honestly, they can never receive too much love.
  • Water: Water is a most brilliant thing. It makes me really happy when I drink eight glasses of water a day. It makes me feel healthy and aquatic.
  • Kicking Mid-Terms in the Balls: 'Nuff said.
This is still a large victory for me, even though you've seen it.
  • When the questions you know appear on tests and you can officially stop worrying.
  • Google: Specifically Googling adventures.
  • Actually feeling cultured and appreciating art. As a type of artist myself, I always feel like I should love all art. I am not able to look at it for a long time and I certainly don't like all of it. But when I do, it's nice.
The Lovers of Teruel.
  • My Family: The day I wrote this was my cousin's birthday. And even though I was in Madrid, I still thought of her and how I get to see her at the holidays. And I can't wait.
  • Fruity Drinks: This is not an allusion to alcoholic drinks. I love my Pink Flamingos.
I can't let go of it.
  • Laughing: I love being goofy and I love when other people laugh. Or make me laugh. It's wonderful.
  • Making it through a metal detector without being stopped. Apparently that has become a very difficult thing for me to do.
  • Little kids dressed in/talking about/playing with/anything related to Disney. This is technically a very large corporation. But it happens so often, I'm counting it as a little thing.
I love Disney around Halloween. :)
  • Sleeping In: Sorry, kids, I love my lazy days.
  • Coming Back from Vacation: Okay so this didn't technically happen because of the Rome thing. But I like the feeling when you get to come back to your house. Specifically when you get to take your shoes off and feel the carpet. I love it.
  • Being A Three Year Old.
We Chubby Bunnied this one hardcore.
  • When you're sick and waking up, but feel like your nose is going to explode. But then you stand up and you cough and snot, but there's no more exploding! Gross, but true. See also: I miss my Neti-Pot. 
  • Sending Mail: Technically I didn't send it on this day because the ATM wasn't working. But I still loved imagining seeing everybody's faces when they get the mail.
  • Cooking Something New: Especially when it succeeds. Stuffed peppers, check?
  • Planning Adventures: I've got many tricks and plans up my sleeve. When they follow through? It makes it even better.
  • When friends make you feel better about your life, yourself, and everything else.
  • Halloween: It's not in Rome, but I'm long distancing this one hardcore. Scary movies, costumes, pumpkins...I want it all.
Most legendary Halloween ever.
  • Birthdays: I love giving special treatment to people on their special days.
  • Taking care of somebody when they're sick. The fact that they're sick is no good. But helping them is nice! Note: I'm not yet sure if this extends to vomit.
So that's it! Nobody can say I'm forgetting about Thanksgiving, even though I'm listening to Christmas music in Rome. I'm celebrating for two months. :)

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