Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

So, I know I promised a blog post. My computer has other plans and decided to start it's crashing on me. Now, there's no Apple Store I can take it to, so I'm going to have to hang on a very long four days. It is sad how much I depend on that thing. Thankfully it waited until all of my papers were turned in. It's the little things, really.

POINT IS. All of the Dublin pictures are on there. So that's not going to happen right now. But I do have some mighty fine pictures of skydiving that I'm going to struggle with on a PC so I can entertain you. Note: All of the spacing is really insane and I blame it on a PC. Sorry if that makes me an elitist.

So. Leann and I had devised this plan about a month, maybe a month and a half, ago. We managed not to tell anybody at home and we also gained another companion on this trip.

There he is. Think he's nervous?

I should also mention that these pictures were taken by Jules. Obviously, the three of us were battling with the concept of falling through the sky and were too occupied to take pictures. So thank you a million times over to her.

So to get to The Zoo, we had to take a metro to Termini and a train to Terni and then a nice man named Crocodile drove us the rest of the way to the small little complex they had set up.
It was a stressful train ride.

We were lucky enough when we got there to see a million things fall out of the sky. We were going to be doing that so soon. But first, it was time for a short lesson and to suit up. (HIMYM, yes, I am referencing you.)
Signing our lives away.

I'm a very good learner when it comes to falling out of planes.

He is also learning how to fall out of a plane.

They gave me the small suit. Cold ankles.

Don't you feel safe with that face?
Once we were all prepped to go, we boogied to some music. (Yeah, I don't know). And in what seemed like four seconds we were heading off to cram into a tiny airplane.
Our last words or something like that. :)

There I go, orange butt and all.

They were probably speaking Spanish at this point.

And away he goes!

Now, here's where documentation is lost and you have to rely on my words. Sorry. So we all cram into this tiny plane, and let me tell you it feels like there are four hundred people in there. We were the only three flying tandem, so the rest of them were crazy insane and awesome. We took off and starting going up and up.

And up.
And up, until we were above the clouds at fourteen thousand feet. FOURTEEN THOUSAND FEET. WHO DOES THAT? We do that. Apparently. It was a really long ride, it seemed like, giving you a lot of time to contemplate what you're doing. Also, the fact that Italian was flying around the plane (Ha. It's a pun..) like crazy made it all the more intense. Oh yeah, did I mention that the guy I was flying with didn't speak English? Yeah.
Once we were up and the rickety door was open, people literally just started pouring out of the plane and jumping to the ground below. Honestly, it went so fast and you had no time to think and all of a sudden you were flying THROUGH A CLOUD making faces at your camera guy, hoping your pictures turned out alright. Also. It snowed on the plane. And it made me really happy.
I believe you've seen this picture before.

It was incredible. And I know you want me to describe it for you. But I really, really can't. Words put me at a loss here, because they aren't talented enough to paint you a picture of what happens. OHMYGOD. I said that about four hundred times, and my guy just kept laughing at me. Such an American thing to say. BUT WOW.

Coming in for a landing! Apparently, we missed the rain while we were in the air!


That's a look of pure happiness. Don't be mistaken.

That's right. We jumped with a rainbow.


All of us just chillin. No big deal.

My boyfriend jumps out of planes with me. Beat that. :D

CROCODILE. Aw yeah. And my amazing hair.

I can't explain to you the feelings. I really can't. That feeling when you just jumped out of a plane in Italy instead of studying for finals. I highly suggest it.

Our message to you.

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