Monday, December 12, 2011

A Portrait of the Dubliners

So now that I'm back in America, I've decided it is time to show you all how Dublin went. Something's really backwards about that, I know. Blame it on me being sick, then finals, then my computer deciding to toss itself off a cliff. But that's a bit too dramatic. It's okay and can hopefully hold on for another couple of months.

Why is it that AP English is everywhere?
Now, Dublin was such a beautiful trip. But I was sick for the majority of it. I suppose I really should have forced my doctor to give me a flu shot. What can you do, really? But the point is, I would get super tired after doing one simple thing, so a lot of the times I was the lame travel companion asking to go back and falling asleep before ten.

I know.

But it was still a super relaxing time and just what I needed to push me through the last few weeks of the semester. And also a nice way to distract myself from the fact that I was not home for Thanksgiving. BAH.

This is NOT Ryanair! How exciting!

The plane ride there doesn't usually stick out to me. But the fact that our pilot decided to make it a bumpy ride does. Now, I understand that turbulence is a real problem. But when I am bawling my eyes out because my ears are going to explode (head colds, what are you going to do?) and the plane is not stable, one can panic. Also, when you are supposed to be parallel to the landing strip and the plane decides to land on it's wing, you may grab your boyfriend's hand and get a little nervous. Then at the last second when the plane straightens out, you may feel like a doofus.

Ah well. When we got into Dublin it was WINDY and a bit chilly, but I was LOVING the colder weather. Rome was still hot, and I was jonesing for some weather that actually felt like November. We found our hostel with ease and got our first dose of Irish hospitality. It's a great thing! Of course, then we took our usual nap because traveling really tuckers us out.

After we woke up, it was really just a wander around and take pictures kind of evening. We also ate amazing, amazing curry and potatoes. But. We really just didn't take pictures of our food this trip because we forgot. Sorry.

Outside of some gardens by our hostel.

Hey there, glasses.
At the beginning of O'Connell Street

Who knows, really. 

After our delicious meal, we went to bed. But the next day we shopped around Grafton Street and then went to the National Wax Museum! Of course we played with all of the stuff in the science room and the music room, but who would we be if we didn't take funny pictures?

I wish my feet were this tiny.

Biggest indoor clock. Or something to the likes of that.

See how I frolic through the sickness?

And we bought CUPCAKES. :D

This was in the scary room.

I always knew he was a wizard too!

Kicking some butt.

Come on guys, this is gold.


Don't worry, he made it out alive.

That night, we also decided to go see Arthur Christmas. Because we do stuff like that. You should really go see it because we both thought it was hilarious and so sweet. We also got heckled by middle schoolers in the back row, hoping that we would make out during the movie. Come on now, kiddos. During a Christmas movie? Get a life.

We then went out to dinner where there was Irish music and Irish dancing! It was so much fun! The food was pretty good, but the entertainment definitely beats it out. Especially this young child dancing. :)
I hope one day my child dances like this.

The next day was more wandering and the Guinness Factory!

I love it when pictures get photobombed.
Oh, a large pint!

Then we went on a tour of Dublin (led by us, of course) by night. It was really lovely! We stopped to get burgers for dinner because we do stuff like that. And then we had a banana split for dessert and life was good. So besides the sick, it was a really lovely trip! The people were so sweet and the city itself was wonderful. 


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