Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Lesson in Studying Abroad: Part II

So. I need to stop writing things in parts. I'll get to that, I swear. If you care about Part I in the least, it's here.

So about two months in, I'd think it was safe to say that I've had my share of homesickness. But recently, I've given myself a kick in the pants and realized that I need to stop whining. I'm going to go home on December eleventh. Not before then. Not after then. There is no sense in wishing it would come faster, because it will be here before any of us realizes it.

SO. Things that should probably be done in order to keep you sane.

Eat a lot of food. Yeah, don't go crazy here. But I started the semester thinking that I had to eat close to nothing and spend not a lot of money on food. Now, my friends. I've got some news for you. That made me extremely cranky and bitter. IT IS FUN TO GO OUT TO EAT! There are student menus and cheaper options everywhere and it's nice to treat yourself every once and a while. Same goes with cooking too. Make it an adventure. DO NOT eat pasta every night or you'll rebel. Trust me.

He's so happy we went out, you see?

Take some me-time. It's really hard being in a room with two other people. I know I used to live with seven others. But it was easier for some reason to get an hour to yourself. Please, for the love of God, take your me-time.

Actually see the stuff you're supposed to see in the city. My friends, there is a lot of it, especially in a place like Rome. Have I been inside the Colosseum yet? Nope. Vatican? Uh. Next week! Are those two huge things that people would probably smack me for not seeing? Yes. Uh. I'll get on that. I'm such a tool.

I don't think this counts. At all. I'm a bad study abroad student.

Get involved. Well don't I sound lame? I know it's really hard, especially if you're like me and super involved with a group at home. But you can still do stuff in this program, I promise! It will make you not sit around and wish you were somewhere else.

GET OUTSIDE. Take advantage of any and all beautiful days. I am once and for all starting to get back on my running thing tomorrow. HELLO, NOVEMBER. I'm typing it right here. Shoot me if I don't. Okay?

Send mail! I'm not trying to forget about everybody back home. Just calm down and cut the hyperventilating every time I think about going home. MAIL IS FUN. Find me a person that doesn't like a letter or a postcard. Invest in your friends, my friends.

When all else fails, listen to this guy.

Enough said. It's been happening.

So, as you can see, I've had quite the turnaround. It's nice. I love my friends to death. But I've got exciting stuff here that I should focus on. I've got quite a long plane ride to think about all the fun stuff I'm going to do when I get back. QUITE THE LONG FLIGHT.

In other news...

This is NOT where I'll be living.


My life is great. :D

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