Monday, January 9, 2012

Back in My City

I'M HERE! I'M BACK!! Philadelphia, I love you. Even though you're a little crazy and a little creepy sometimes, I'm always going to love you. And now I live in Center City and I am PUMPED.


Move-in day was crazy and stressful. But it was great nonetheless. As our stuff piled in, I just got more and more excited. It's still a little bare, but that can definitely be changed with the two of us living here, that's for sure.

I may be working on coloring a princess poster. No big.

So I don't have a lot of good pictures because I was too excited and couldn't wait for natural light and all of that. So if you want to see it for the glorious place it is, you're going to have to get your butt down here yourself.

Oh hey, artificial light. Meet my bed.
Other side of the bedroom. Looking good.
Living area. With the big windows I love.
I can dig the kitchen. And windows to the bedroom!
The best piece of artwork there. :)

I don't know if you can tell that I love it. I forgot the bathroom. But it's HUGE. And I promise I have one. I'm civilized here. In all honesty, it's very similar to a place near campus. But I just wanted to get out of North Philly and down to the center. Yes, it'll be a longer walk. But I am so enjoying it. The quick walk over to Lucky Strike this evening for Jake's birthday was a big, big plus.

Note that I tied Paul in bowling. Just saying.

Now I'm just watching/listening to LSU lose. And maybe one of my bowl picks will actually be correct. But my picks have a habit of losing. So, Alabama, sorry if this really messes you up.

Have a lovely evening, everybody. :)

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  1. Funny story about the dress you're wearing...Lauren and I both tried it on except she tried on the pink one. I absolutely loved it but I'm trying to be a big girl and save money for this semester.

    And now I'm extremely happy that I know someone with it just in case I want to borrow it sometime :)