Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Days are Awesome

Oh, a first day of school post? Do you not like these? Because I like these a lot. Except this time I don't have a cute roommate picture to share. I do, however, have a life plan level of excitement. So that's FINALLY good in the world.


Psych as a Social Science: Okay so the plan was to take this in Honors because I had heard it was a fun class! Awesome, right? Yes, except for when they e-mail you the day before classes start telling you that your class was cancelled. So I'm in the regular one now. And it's a big lecture. And blah. But hopefully it will be interesting! I always love me some psychology.

Theater History II: Lots of plays to read! This is a super discussion based class helping me finish my major/minor/whatever I'm doing with theater. Lots of reading and writing but what can you do? I'll get through it. Especially because I have a lovely sitter-next-to-er.

Perhaps we will sit like this. Our friends will not be surprised.

Intro to Kinesiology: OOF. Obviously this is an introduction class. I'm a junior that no longer needs to learn how the university operates or how to write a research paper. BLAH. WHATEVER. Boring hour of my life. But it is leading me to a super exciting career. So I'm just going to have to suck it up.

Anatomy & Physiology: OH MY GOSH I AM SUCH A NERD. I love this class and my professor already. I just take notes about interesting things he says and then go running home to shout them at/annoy spread the excitement to Paul. I'm eating it up. Love it. AH!

Counseling Techniques: First of all, my professor for this class is really awesome as well. And the topics seem so interesting so basically I'm pretty pumped. He said it was a very hands-on class and I like that a lot. He also knows that dancers wear A LOT of socks and dress a little crazily. I respect those observations and cannot deny them.

LOOK AT OUR CRAZINESS. Like my socks and purple booty shorts. Nice.

So. It's going to be a long semester with a lot of work. But HOPEFULLY I like them more than any class I took in Rome except Italian certain classes I thought I was going to like last semester.


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