Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brand New Year

So January first is the start of many resolutions and lots of commitment from all sorts of people. The way I see it, moving into my apartment was really the start of a new year for me. I've got classes that start in a mere seven days for a major that I am hoping to fall completely in love with. I need to find a job to pay for millions of things. And I get to see all my school friends as they begin to trickle back into the city.

And, as every New Year's resolutioner (I know that's not a word. It's a concept maybe...) does, I've started my work out habits back up and it was lovely.

Today, I started the Bodyrock Thirty Day challenge with the fit test. Eight days late, but I wanted to be able to stay on schedule. There are two rest days involved in the challenge that are on the weekends. Because I'm difficult, I have my long runs on Saturdays. So my days off will either be Sunday and Monday or Friday and Sunday. We'll see how things go as I progress into school and stuff like that.

These HIIT workouts are short but super tough! I was very, very nervous about seeing my scores and being utterly disappointed in myself, but I don't know. They're there and they'll get better!
  • Squat Jumps-->34
  • Push Ups-->19 (Ugh. Freaking knees. My arms are pathetic.)
  • Burpees-->14
  • High Knees--> 43 (I counted the sets. If you're supposed to count each leg then double that.)
  • Switch Lunges-->33
  • Tuck Jumps-->26
  • Straight Abs-->14 (I took these nice and slowly, as you can tell.)
I was most definitely shaking by the end of it. Also, I don't remember doing the tuck jumps AT ALL. But there's a number, and I know I couldn't have just made it up like that. Maybe I blocked it out? Who knows. The challenge scares me because I can tell it is going to be INTENSE. But it's a nice way to get back into stuff, that's for sure.

After that I did some resistance band ab work from FITNESS magazine. It's called Flat Abs Fast! so we'll see how they feel tomorrow. Kicking my butt abs back into shape, hopefully.

As far as the cool down and stretch session went, I was too hyped up to sit and focus, so I made myself follow along with a short video to chill myself out.

The ocean sounds at the end of it were great, not going to lie. I love the whole idea of Tone It Up but I'm broke, so I just pick and choose which videos I feel like doing. I'm super curious about their eating plan but for now I'm going to live in mystery. Definitely check them out, though! :)

So that's that! Now I'm going to hop in the shower and then meet up with a friend for lunch. Maybe for dinner we'll have something exciting. We'll see!

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