Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Won't Quit, Cuz I Want More

You probably know this. I am not ashamed.


So today I rolled out of bed without making my boyfriend pancakes, which I had promised ever-so-sweetly to do. That was before I fell asleep in my comfy bed and actually slept through the night. So I did NOT wake up at seven thirty. And I'm not sorry about it, because if he really wanted pancakes he could have made them.

So there.

Instead I sent him this picture because he never gets to see me looking like this and it makes him think I am the most attractive girlfriend in the whole wide world.

My first sweaty picture. How precious!

You see? I think it's very good. To get to that state, I started my morning off with some banana peanut butter toast that was actually melty and delicious and got to work. As I said last night, I was planning on doing one of Fitnessista's workouts, but I saw an ab circuit from She Rocks Fitness on Bess Be Fit this morning that I decided to give a go. And it kicked my butt abs. I didn't use all of the equipment because I didn't want to get gross germs anywhere downstairs so I modified and still felt the burn. Trust me on that.

Then somehow I ended up here.

I was waiting to cross the street and realized I didn't take a picture.

I love being able to run to cliché places in Philadelphia. Love it with my whole entire heart.

A three mile run was on the agenda and that's precisely what I did. I did not go fast, but I got it done. And, to me, that's what counts at this point. I was really worried I wouldn't be able to do it. But I got it done and got a beautiful prize at the end. Some people were Rocky-ing it up the stairs, but I had to get back to my apartment to shower before class. Which is incredibly overrated.

So in conclusion: beautiful and productive day. And it's still sunny outside. Thank you very much. :)

Did you have a sunny day today?

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