Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy March!

Pinterest. Duh. But I'm sure this is everywhere.

 Hooray! This year is progressing along quite nicely, if I do say so myself. I certainly hope this month does not disappoint, though following February gives it crazy high standards. As long as the weather works with me, I think we'll get along quite nicely?

Isn't there a thing about in like a lion out like a lamb for March? Who knows.

Speaking of March, Happy National Nutrition Month!!

I know, I'm a nerd. But I got really excited about it. For the whole month of March I am going to be entering my eats onto MyFitnessPal and seeing how things are going! I really don't want to lose any weight, I'm just curious as to how the things I eat stack up, you know? So far it's made me drink more water and cut the snacking, which is kind of awesome!

Another thing I'm doing in honor of this month is to go talk to a nutritionist. Because I'm starting this whole running thing and I tend to not eat when I get too stressed, I thought I'd talk to somebody about it and make sure I'm getting the nourishment I need!


I would love to come home to these. Love.

Onto the running front now! Yesterday I played some racquetball and then had two miles on the schedule. I know technically racquetball isn't a strength workout, but because my days were all messed up, I decided to give my muscles a little break.

The run. Oh, the run.

I had absolutely zero motivation to go on this run. It was dark outside, so that meant another tedious session of me staring longingly at the numbers, hoping they would increase just a little faster. Dinner was in the oven and I could smell it's deliciousness creeping through our apartment.


But alas. I threw on some workout-type clothes and ran downstairs.

It was this shirt. So it would match my face, you know?

Alright. I read running blogs fairly regularly. I love hearing about peoples' times, how they felt, what they ate, etc. And for the most part I read them and it goes something like this:

"I didn't want to do eight miles but I did was great!!...The first mile sucked...But the rest were awesome!"

Guys, what if I can't run ten miles? Two miles and I was STRUGGLING. I just felt awful and I couldn't breathe right and it just was not my night. I felt like such a failure and was seriously doubting ever being able to run ten miles. I keep telling myself that it's just the mentality of staring at the wall on the treadmill but I don't know, man.

But I did it anyway. Just so I could cross it off. Then I came back upstairs and ate delicious ziti. And that was that.


Something not lame? Spring Break. I wish I were going somewhere nice and warm, but catching up on sleep might actually be in the forecast for me. I approve of this message.

How do I fix this little running problem I have here? Or how are you celebrating Spring Break?

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