Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Slump

It was the first day of Spring yesterday, as I'm sure nearly the entire world knows. I did NOT enjoy my free water ice yesterday because I get that any time I want. At least I can bring some kind of perks to the table.

The title of this post may not make any sense because I love Spring. And I love being outside. I spend all of my free time out there, so I had better.

Mister Softee on campus. Duh.

It may be because of this crazy hectic week I'm having. But I just need to air out my grievances and then I'll get back to my regularly scheduled happy self.

  • By the time I finish my day, I'm ready to fall over. Well, smart one, this means that you're trying to do too much in a day. And that, my friends, is why I'm taking it incredibly easy this week. Don't get me wrong, there is a buttload of dancing involved. But this is not the week to train myself crazy and have no enthusiasm for my life during my show on Sunday.
  • Class is annoying and a waste of my time. So take a day off, get over it. (Oh...look. Is it ten o'clock? Am I in psych? No. I'm a very good listener to myself.)
  • I have these huge anatomy tests this week and next. Every anatomy test is huge, Amanda. Remind yourself of why you love it and study it, dummy.
  • I feel gross and disgusting. See two above this one. Also, shower. Showers are nice.
Okay, that was cool. I got sick of myself halfway through and decided to stop.


After this Sunday, I am STICKING to my training schedule. No questions about that. Expect a post about my fundraising efforts for the Broad Street Run next week. And expect a lot of outdoor fun. And a post about two new additions to my family.

They aren't living. Don't panic.


You make me sneeze, but maybe I'll come visit. {p}

What did you get for your free Rita's flavor?

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