Monday, November 21, 2011

Bagels and Cream Cheese, Please (London Part I)

I just got back from London. And I really, really, really, REALLY REALLY wish I could go back right this second. Rome, you have nothing on London. Sorry.

There was a business class's trip to London, Allison popped over, and Adam and I went on a trek. Thanks to the business class, Adam and I hitched a free ride to the airport/near where we were staying. The bus ran a little late, but who doesn't want excitement in their lives?

The way I'm standing makes me look a little silly.

It was a LOVELY walk from the business class's hotel to Julia's place. After a bit of wandering, we made it inside and soon fell asleep ready for London. :D

It's nice to have these in the morning.

Our first activity was to wander through Hyde Park. Now, I'm sure you're aware I love parks. So this was an amazingly perfect way to start our trip.

Like my Pan stance?


We watched these guys for a bit.

Nice and relaxed. Perfect!


Then we met up with Allison and wandered around London some more. I really loved saving the super, super touristy stuff for later because otherwise I would have crashed halfway through the day.

Pig statues are nice.

Harrod's: The most intimidating store ever.

I LOVED all of London's Christmas cards.

And their Christmas lunches.

To go along with our sandwiches, we also got very, very important circles of carbohydrates. That we would eat every day for breakfast. And we may or may not have smuggled a pack of these said circles of goodness back to Italy.


After we were happily fed, we scooted over to the Natural History Museum to look at the animals. It's such a huge place, it just wasn't all going to happen. But we saw the most important part. At least in my mind.

Me and Dippy. Hanging out.

There were many of these. But you only need to see one.

I have an obsession.


We naturally wandered around more after this. I hope this more pictures than writing thing pleases you all. :)

If anybody buys this for me, I will love them endlessly.

LOOK! A clock!

Cheesin' it up in front of Big Ben.

I could get married there. No big.


It's a countdown clock to the Olympics. :D

Message in a bottle. In Trafalger Square.

London at night! Otherwise known as 4:30 pm.

This one's for my sister. :)

After we got waffles under the London Eye, Allison and Julia left and Adam and I walked around some more. I'm giving great descriptions here, I know. We were on the way to meet Sarah, Lindsey, and Paul for dinner after our days!

Delicious curry!!

SWEET POTATO falafels, meatballs, garlic broccoli. YUM.

Sidenote: Thank you so much, Sarah, for being an AMAZING tour guide and I'm so glad I got to meet you. :)

The Globe Theatre! COOL STUFF!

There are ice rinks EVERYWHERE in London.

Back to Trafalger Square for some lion posing.

Looking FIERCE.


Stack of pandas.

This was an entire panda store.

Finishing off the night right.

I'm a sucker.

We walked around EVERYWHERE and spent some time at Buckingham Palace before returning to Julia's and calling it a night. Until we stayed up until three in the morning talking. THEN we decided to sleep.

Part two will come soon, I promise. I'm home sick for the morning. So I've got a lot of time on my hands. That doesn't include typing my paper.

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  1. I was so in love with this weekend! So great! I am so happy you all loved London and wish you could come back as well! Hopefully see you in Dublin and excited for Part II, I am loving the pictures!