Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Lethargic Slob

That's what I feel like, ladies and gents. You see, over the summer, I was a pretty active person. I worked two jobs, one being at a day camp with young children (read:running around was not an option) and the other at an ice cream shop where I got to sample ice cream frequently was on my feet all shift.

Counselors are awesome. :)

I lived in a sports bra and shorts. I was tan and my hair was about 4092754 shades lighter than it is now.  And I made money for it. Good deal, right? I LOVE SUNSHINE.

In addition to this, that wonderful person up there and I were gym buddies. We did something most days of the week, in fact. We also kicked our butts and finally started running, jumping on that bandwagon. And I loved every single second of it. Loved it so much that I started toying around the idea of changing my major way too far into the game as a Junior.

I'mma be a busy girl, that's for sure.

Instead, I added one. But that's neither here nor there.

So that's all well and good, but over here in Italy I've stopped. Which makes me oh so sad and oh so MAD at myself. That's not what you're supposed to do. I have a lot of plans for what I want to do to stay in shape in Philadelphia, but I've put up such a mental block as to what to do in Rome. Perhaps it was the homesickness, but I'm dealing with that quite well. 

Whine. I can't dance and I like to dance.

Whine. I don't know where I'm running I can get lost.

Whine. I don't like working out in front of my roommates. It freaks me out.

Whine. I don't have any normal equipment.

Well, I'm getting over myself. So what? I'll be in Philadelphia sooner than I can fathom and then I'll do whatever I do there. But right now, I'm in Rome and I gotta deal. So I've changed my ways, for the better.
  • Walk more. I didn't buy myself a monthly metro/bus pass. And not only to save money. This will force me to walk more. Plus I don't like ripping Italy off by riding the bus for free. Guilty conscience, I guess.
  • Try not to eat insanely. I'm eating better breakfasts, which makes me feel a lot better. Worth the investment? I say YES. Also, maybe eating smaller portions of pasta might help. 
  • Dance any way you can. Here it is in print: I'm going to stretch every day. I'm having an awful time with how I'm going to fit back into my dance group because I'm a spaz. But stretching calms me down. So it shall be done. Also, I'm dancing in the Jam Show. I used to be so against that. Then I slapped myself and all was well.
  • Run. No brainer. I should have just sucked it up and ran anyway. Getting back on that bandwagon.
  • Be creative. There honestly might be a million ways out there that I could work out without a gym. Yes, I miss classes. Yes, I miss equipment. BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE DUE, YOU HEAR? I've been scouring blogs and twitter like an insane person. What can you do?
Oh, self. I did. :)

My awesome band-aid for my running blister. (Note: This fell off somewhere. I truly apologize.)

Action shot. FINALLY BIKING.

Daddy, don't yell. They didn't have helmets to rent.

Biking to see this? I can get used to it.

GUYS, I LOVE BIKE RIDING. I was all afraid that I would be the exception to the "never forgetting how" rule, but I totally wasn't. It was so great and I want to do it again. Every second of every day. Even though my butt kinda hurts.

And I'm eating better toooo. This had no cheese AND no pasta. WHAM.

Delicious stuffed peppers that aren't so bad for you!

Endorphins really do make you feel better. 

So uh, yeah. Sorry if you don't like hearing about this stuff. It's what you're going to get. :)

Also, New York City Marathon is this weekend and I think it's SO COOL. Perhaps one day I'll be that good. One day.

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