Thursday, November 24, 2011

50 Little Things (Part II)

As always, I write in parts. Here's Part One of things that make me super happy.

This is coming at a perfect time in my life. First of all, my brain is starting to go on overdrive and obsess about all things Christmas. I'm one thousand percent positive that I would be able to make a 50 Little Things list dedicated to Christmas. At the same time, I really don't want Thanksgiving to slip away from me. Whipping me back into shape.

  • Hocus Pocus. Really, Halloween movies in general get me really excited. Because I love celebrating. And movies.
  • Getting let out of class early. When your teacher can't figure out how to connect his computer to the projector and the computer guy isn't there. Something might be wrong with your program. But at least you get out of class!
  • Going on a run in the morning. I love it. But I guess that's why it's on my list.
  • Bike riding. You know I also love it.
We look really good on bikes, don't you think? This is NOT a shameless plug.
  • Almonds. Thank you Leann's family.
I want a million of these guys.
  • Snuggling in a Snuggie. Again. Thank you, Leann.
Snuggie Love blast from the past.
  • Chocolate. Thank you Mom, for the wonderful Snickers. :D
  • Old pictures of friends. Watching them on my screensaver in class is a great way to spend my day.
  • Justin Bieber. I have no shame.
Mad I missed the video shoot for this.
  • Running/fitness helping. It makes me feel good inside that I know what I want to do. :)
  • Love. Of any sort or any shape or any size or any color.
  • Making wishes. On any single thing. 11:11 11/11/11. Fountains. SHOOTING STARS.
After our first shooting star sighting.
  • The sun. I just like it, okay?
  • Winning Fantasy Football. Being in a league with five very competitive males that are some of your best friends can be stressful. I really like winning. :D
  • Zoning out in class and not realizing that you're being tortured. Especially if your professor is dumb and frustrating.
  • Snuggling whilst watching TV when you're sick. The Biggest Loser is my newest TV escapade. Because I have no more HIMYM to watch. Until Tuesday mornings.
Dolvett's my fave. I also love Bob.
  • Breakfast in bed. Thanks, boyfriend. :)
  • Hitchin' a ride. Free things in general are really, really great.
  • Bagels. I believe you've recently come to understand my love for B-A-G-E-L-S BAGELS. The sad thing is I ACTUALLY chant that quite frequently.
Cinnamon raisin. I can dig.
  • Theater. I love watching people do amazing things with their talents. I love it.
  • Countdowns. I've got a really specific countdown going on right now that I'm getting super excited about (seventeen days), but countdowns make everything more fun.
  • Tea Tea. Did you know that Chai means tea? So saying Chai tea means tea tea? And Chai Chai tea tea means tea tea tea tea? I miss my big brother. :(
  • Finally being healthy. GO AWAY SICKNESS.
  • New friends mixed with potlucks. Thanksgiving is still happening. Don't worry.
  • My daddy. Now for a lot of people I know, today is Thanksgiving. I am celebrating in Dublin, currently, but it's really important for me to mention that it's my dad's birthday today. I haven't seen my family in quite a bit now, and I just hope he knows that I miss him very much and I can't wait to see him when my aforementioned countdown expires. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!
We're related, that's for sure.

Even though we fight, we still wear Disney hats to solve problems.

AND he likes to go to Phillies games with me. WHAT A GUY!

SO! Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have a lot of little things to be thankful for. Draw some hand turkeys! Eat some turkey for me! And cracker filling, but I guess most people don't know what that is. AND PIE!!! Lots and lots of pie.


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