Saturday, November 12, 2011

Checking In

So I wish I could blog more during the week, but that just doesn't happen. Way too busy for that nonsense right there. Last week was full of salsa nights, going out nights, and Paul's mom time. I can dig it. :)

Love that salsa.

Tuesday Temple Rome had a salsa night where Italians came in and taught us some basic steps. Dance. If you haven't figured that out yet. It was a lot a lot a lot of fun! It was a little easier than the stuff I'm used to doing, just because it was super basic, but I still loved it. Afterwards, they put on some music and the instructors went to town. Salsa dance is amazing and I think it would be so fun to learn more of!

Also, the Italian boys/men I got partnered with said I was picking it up well. Regardless of my experience, I still felt pretty cool.

I got my room clean, art history paper done, stuff like that. I have clean underwear now, which is also an accomplishment.

On Thursday I spent the day with Paul and his mom. I actually spent a lot of time with her, and it was really lovely to have a visit from her. Lots of dinner and walking around, it was wonderful!

In fact. She finally got me to the Colosseum. Study Abroad student A+!

The Arch of Constantine. You know.

Oh hey, large thing behind us.


And a lot bit sunny.

I have about seventy-four million pictures.

This child has a giraffe backpack. I'm jealous.


The view from the second level.

The detailed work of those ancient Romans.

Down on the ground level.

I have so many pictures it is out of control. Also, Mrs. Hyer is going to send me a bunch. So if I see fit, I'll add some more. Share the photography credit on here. :)

Then on Friday, we went on a Naples and Capri tour. So I'll put that in a different post. Perhaps tomorrow! Just because I have a bunch of pictures from there too.

But for now. The cooking something new adventure of the week.

I'll never be a food photographer.

It's macaroni and cheese.



Yes, that's right. I was half on Twitter and half doing my work earlier when I saw this. It made me want to eat it right then and I wouldn't take no as an answer for dinner. It's on Eat, Live, Run (well, that's the PBS recipe link anyway) and I am SO glad I forced my cooking partner to make it with me.

We cut the recipe in half and it still made this much. We ate about half of it and were totally satisfied. It was great! The pumpkin isn't super overwhelming, but it makes the cheese taste four hundred times better. Oh my gosh. It was great.


We might have broken our oven door more. But that's besides the point.


Ciao for now! :)

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