Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So...More Starbucks? (London Part II)

Here, here. Part one.

Saturday started off with bagels, naturally. Then Paul, Adam, and I were off to a place that's very important to our hearts. And our apartment televisions over the summer. Just saying. We're really excited.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Hope you're interested.


Observation deck in progress.

Aquatics. Shaped like a STINGRAY.

Stadium hanging out in the back.

Just hanging around London 2012. No big.

Oh, again? My bad.

Mall where we shopped.

It was absolutely amazing. I cannot wait for the Olympics because I am OBSESSED. It is going to be so cool to point to the TV and scream at the top of my lungs say that I was there while it was being worked on.

I've got a problem. Oh well.

Speaking of problems. I also got number three.

At this point, I tasted all four holiday flavors. Bam.

After some shopping at that there mall in the picture you've already seen, we trekked back into the center of London. My sister's going to kill me.

We couldn't help ourselves.

First West End show!

Hamming it up.

We were really excited and THOSE people.

Wooooo shows!

Hahaha. So many Wicked pictures.

This was Adam's first show EVER so I am SO SO SO glad we got to see it. We also saw Rachel Tucker as Elphaba. Guys. She was amazing. SO AMAZING. I cried during Defying Gravity she was that good. Oh my God. I really can't express that enough.


After the show it was dark, of course. So we did the London Eye and all that jazz. And landed back in Hyde Park to go to Winter Wonderland.

I'm telling you, London and I were made for each other.

He didn't look so normal.

Holding hands with the nutcracker.

This is why Europe is great.


Character shuffle!

After getting our Christmas on, we went to a pub and then called it a night. It was a wonderful end to a most amazing day. Sunday was a short day because of our flight. But pictures were still taken, don't worry.

Olympic rings at the train station. I'm normal.

Lego Christmas tree!!!


Overall, London was so amazing I cannot even express to you. I certainly tried though. I would like to go back as fast as humanly possible. Please. If you don't mind.

OH. ONE LAST THING. I got Starbucks again before we left. And finally got the holiday cup I was coveting after. Because it made me smile and think of Philadelphia. And my biff. And life in general.


Another sidenote: JULIA THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I loved staying with you and I cannot wait to see you again. :)

Also, I'd like to be able to breathe through my nose. NOT A BIG DEAL, RIGHT?!

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