Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh, Hey Monday

Totally didn't see that one coming. This weekend was busy, but nothing too exciting happened for the most part.

This happened.

I believe I mentioned before that Sarah's mother brought a can of pumpkin with her because she's wonderful and amazing. So. It was decided that pumpkin pancakes should exist in my life.

Leann's parents also provided us with a whisk and a spatula. So. It was really destiny. 


Various toppings included jelly, honey, and Nutella. 

Mine had peach jelly on it and I felt bad I didn't take a picture of it.

Verdict: delicious. They weren't too pumpkiny and so delicious. We didn't have normal ingredients, so they were a little flatter than usual. I didn't mind too much as I was shoveling them in my mouth. 

Paul's mom also got here early yesterday morning. So we spent some of the day with her, napped, and then went back to her hotel where we were treated to a delicious dinner. I'm going to have to steal some of her pictures, because we had a chocolate truffle for dessert that I wish I could use my words to describe.

You'll notice that everybody's parents are here. It makes me sad. Hi, family. :)

Do you know what this means?

Then this morning I woke up and went running. Hence the picture. That's a weird patch of something on my arm that shows up every time I get sweaty. It's sort of phallic looking, yes, I agree. But I think it just means I have balls of energy or something to that effect.


Now I'm snacking on greek yogurt and peanut butter crackers whilst trying to decipher my Italian homework. 

And instead I'm doing this. 

  • Go running four times, no matter how short or long.
  • DANCE!
  • Clean up my stuff in the room.
  • Drink three of these babies a day.
Oh, hey, InMotion jacket.
  • Spend some Paul's-family time.
  • Finish my art history paper. (Six out of ten pages isn't bad. But now I'm running out of things to say. You know how it is.)
  • Cook something new.
  • Do laundry. Soon. Your underwear are dwindling.
  • Somehow make it to all my classes and do all of my homework because that is getting increasingly difficult.
And that's that! Happy Monday!!

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