Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Burning Out

Today I'm going to whine about rant/muse/discuss burning out. It's a topic I am all too familiar with, to be perfectly honest. I know that's an awful relationship to have with the concept but it's true.

Eventually they'll burn out. I like to think this is my candle style.

So far, school has been pretty awesome. Some of my classes are tough or have a lot of work, but I'm totally managing them this far. Which is pretty impressive, as far as I'm concerned. I think it's because I've finally found the perfect balance of enjoyment and what I'm going to do. I love it. I'm a nerd. Get over it.

Finally went through! IT FINALLY WENT THROUGH! :D

Speaking of balancing those things that I love to do, dance is NOT out of the picture. FINALLY. No more whining about how I'm never dancing on this blog. I'm dancing with InMotion (obviously) and I'm in an admin position. So that sucks up a lot of my thinking time. And eating time. And time. BUT I LOVE IT. And there's a show in the works for that and some performances coming up, so AWESOME.

My lovely captain and friend Laura is also being an AMAZING person and directing a dance show for undergrad theater students. Which is awesome because there aren't really that many opportunities for dancing in the department. At least not the kind of dancing that we're looking for. But I digress. I'm dancing/choreographing/involved in what feels like 32059732057 pieces. Again, AWESOME. But that means a lot of dance rehearsal. (Not that I'm complaining.)

This is related, I swear. We were dancing on Liacouras.

But wait! There's more! I got a job! They want me to work eighteen hours a weekend. At first I was like "AW YEAH, MONEY! I guess I'll try to have no life and at least pay my rent!" But now I'm realizing that I'll have to drop a day. It won't be nearly as much money, but I'll hopefully stay on staff for the summer time when I can work lots of hours. And hopefully get lots of tips because, let me tell you, the pay is NOT great.

The more I think about how great this stuff is, the happier I am.

That's pretty hectic as is. But naturally, I think it's perfectly acceptable to do some more!

Training for this little number, for instance.

BROAD STREET RUN, YEAH! First off, this takes up a lot of my worry time because I don't think I could run ten miles if somebody had a gun pointed to my head (And Lord knows Philly is the place to find that. ;) Love you, Philly). But I really want to do it, and I know I'll kick my butt if I don't. Plus a lot of my friends want to do it as well. So I think it's going to be really, really fun. So yeah. Training for that comes in soon.

Plus I really like taking classes and keeping up with my exercise in general.

Throw in commuting, maintaining my friendships (Well, that's a given. Otherwise I would whine and complain about my life more), cooking, eating, sleeping (Yes. I sleep. Not sleeping will NOT solve this problem), and random other stuff that pops up. That does not equate to a lot of time. Even that one guy I live with and I don't see each other for twenty-four hours sometimes. NUTS!

So I guess my point is. I was supposed to go running this morning but I was dead and felt like throwing up when I woke up. So I slept in. And I'm being lazy until class at 12:30 because otherwise I'm going to get sick. I'm trying so hard to keep a balance. BUT IT IS SO HARD. But I'm going to continue doing it anyway. Because I'm like that.

I look just like that too.

What do you have to balance in your life before your candle reaches it's end? How do you do it??

*Most pictures are from Pinterest, except for the one with my face in it or the one with my name in it. But I thought those were pretty clearly mine. :)

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