Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

Happy Leap Year! Happy Leap Day! I urge you to leap as many times as you can today! I have certainly been leaping into massive puddles with my rainboots. I'm not ashamed.

How she keeps her umbrella under control is beyond me.

I'm taking an hour to sit and chill after my test today because I woke up this morning feeling sort of awful. That also means that I did not go to yoga this morning because I didn't want to throw up on the subway or anything like that. But I think it might have to do with dinner last night. Paul and I made a lightened up version of Alfredo from Running to the Kitchen because we both love Alfredo but we always feel a tiiiiiny bit guilty about our love.

The verdict? It was a bit different but CRAZY delicious. We both loved it and he is so darn picky with his Alfredo sauce. SUCCESS!! The delicious cheese might have upset my stomach, but I'm ignoring that.

Speaking of food...

So very, very red.

That's what my face resembled last evening after my run. IT WAS ONLY TWO MILES! I swear by the end of the Broad Street Run I'm going to upgrade to lobster status.

I was going to run alongside the river but it got too dark and my built-in running partner was busy studying. So I just hopped downstairs and got on the treadmill. I am rediscovering my hate for the treadmill. I just psych myself out so badly I go crazy. I also had to take two mini-walk breaks at the tail end of the second mile. So my goal by the end of this week is to bust that habit.

Today I'm catching up on some strength training, hopefully going to a spinning class, and going to dance later tonight. Hence the reason I'm vegging right now. :)

Happy Leap Day!!

How are you using your extra 24 hours this year?
As always, pictures from Pinterest. :)

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