Thursday, February 23, 2012

Study Break

My brain has short circuited. It no longer wants to learn about epithelial tissue, and it is not sorry about that. But that also explains the lack of exciting posts.


Since this weekend was my birthday weekend, I gotta tell you I didn't end up studying that much. Big surprise, right?

You could study this picture, if you'd like.

I danced. I cupcaked. I sushied. I didn't sleep a lot. I got a lovely necklace from Italy that somebody had been keeping from me. :)

I ALSO. GOT A COOL GIRAFFE FROM ITALY. Holy moses. I love giraffes.

I wish he were this guy. :( (pinterest)

It was a great, great birthday that resulted in me using every spare moment this week to study anatomy. The sad part is, I'm not even joking.

So. Sharing some of my favorite pictures. Then I'm gone. Back to the books, son!

Always appropriate.

Clearly a happy camper.

InMotion girls are the best kind.

What would a biff picture be without Jake's eyes?

Such a classy bunch.

Our imitation of the St. Joe's Hawk.

BLAH. STUDYING. I wish I could listen to music but that would be counterproductive.

P.S. I have my first performance since last school year today. HOLY MOSES. I am so excited/nervous/excitedexcitedexcited.

P.P.S. Broad Street Run training posts will begin next week. :)

What do you listen to while you study? Can I have it?

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  1. Yo. I love your dress!!! Glad you had a great 21st :)
    PS. can i please borrow your dress sometime?