Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let Me See a Smile

Today I've got to find some way to fit three miles in my schedule. I can barely fit this blog post in! Tomorrow I've got wonderful things to tell you like:
  • How my first speedwork session EVER went. (spoiler alert:it was fun!)
  • How to get your house/apartment/etc. smelling the best it's ever smelled.
  • Am I really sticking to my stretching?
  • How I'm challenged. Well. You'll get to hear it. If that tells you anything.
  • How to have even more fun racing. :)
So it's going to be wonderful! I'm looking forward to it already! But alas, for now, all you get is this.

This is my life.

And of course I'll give you some other things to look at.

Something to Drink: I think I drool every time I look at these smoothies from A Colourful Palate. Be sure to join her July smoothie challenge if you like drinking your fruit and veggies!! :)
Something to Think: I want to shoot a huge "Amen, sister!" to Tara Burner for living life how she sees fit and reminding us to do the same. Consequently, I feel the same! So. AMEN, SISTER!
Something to Work out the Kinks: Well. I hope that wasn't a stretch. HA. So punny! But I challenge you to stop doing whatever you're doing on the computer and fix those wrists over at It's only five minutes. GO.

Anything exciting to tell me today? :)


  1. I've never done speedwork - I'm interested to see how yours went!

  2. Great links! Now I need a smoothie!!

  3. Opening the smoothie challenge and wrist stretch now - great links!! I need to fit in a run today too and not sure when that's going to happen. Life can get so busy, but we can do it!