Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

I wish I could show you my twitter feed and just how many hashtag-national-running-day tweets I've seen today. It makes me so happy to see. :)

Not a bad logo either!

Somehow, I've forgotten to mention on the blog that I've been signed up for a half marathon for a little while now. And I want to remind/tell everybody out there that they are offering a $20 discount on marathon/half-marathon registration today!

Why yes, I am talking about the Rock n' Roll race series.

Logos everywhere!

I wanted to save the Philadelphia Marathon Series for when I run a marathon for the first time, so this was the race that won out for the fall! I'm excited to race again in Philadelphia! And I'm also really excited to be training for something again (June 25th, not like I'm counting down). I kind of bobble all over the place in terms of my running when I don't have a specific goal to work towards. I got rejected by my training buddy for this one because he wants to run by himself (even though he wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for me--I digress), so that sure lights a fire under my competitive butt.

But I was nice enough to remind him to register! I may be a good un-affected by competition girlfriend after all. :)

But yes!! Have a wonderful run today, please! I've got an interview that I don't want to be late/sweaty for, so I won't be doing mine until later. And if the interview runs long, I'll be running on the treadmill downstairs at 11:30 at night. But I gotta celebrate somehow!

Where are you running today?

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