Monday, April 30, 2012

Hanging in There

School is so close to being over. I had my last day of classes today and I couldn't be happier. I mean I guess I could. My professors could have cancelled all of my finals. BUT. Regardless of those tests, summer is coming. Granted, that means I get to start new classes, an internship, and work a lot more. But I think it's going to be better. :)

World Dance Day '12 at Northern Liberties. :)

So while it may look like I'm neglecting my blog ridiculously, I WILL be more dedicated to it in roughly one week. And hopefully I'll have a lot to blog about. I have some goals in the meantime!

  • Choreograph a piece this summer.
  • Get a library card instead of thinking about getting a library card.
  • Try all sorts of workouts. And then actually blog about them.
  • Eat (and cook!) better!
  • Go on adventures!
  • Become a FitFluential Ambassador? That would be cool. I've got a looooong way to go, I think!
  • Keep dancing.
  • Become a certified personal trainer. (Test is on 6/16!)
  • Ride my bike more.
  • Go to the beach.
  • RUN!
  • Have an amazing summer before my senior year! I'm so lucky to have two of them. Ayyy.
I'm really excited. I'm going to see the sunrise at Penn's Landing earrrrrly tomorrow morning because Temple is officially on study days. I've never actually seen a sunrise before. So I'm really excited. :)

Workout for the Day

I started my morning with the HIIT the Beach workout from the Beach Babe DVD. I quite liked it actually! It was short but I was definitely sweaty. That was my first time using the DVD, so I'll definitely tell you more about it as I discover it! I'll probably do a review too. Maybe.

Tonight is my last day of dance for the semester and we get to spend time with all of the new members this evening. We're going to have a stretch/strength session and then watch our DVD. It's going to be lovely. I love those dancers so much and I can't wait to be the captain of this crazy ship. :)

Who let these crazies take over?

Any exciting plans for the summer? :)

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