Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ya Little Snotnose

Three miles was on my plate for today. So three miles I was going to run. "Allergies aren't going to stop me!" I thought. So I threw on some running clothes and headed out the door with Paul.

Now, I live roundabouts 22nd Street. By the time I got to 16th I was gasping for air and couldn't inhale deeply at all. I was in trouble. My nose was hurting, I felt disgusting, and I wanted so badly to stop.

I also had toilet paper in my shirt because we have no more tissues.

We were running towards the art museum and I was being cranky and whining about how it wasn't fair that Paul felt like going faster than me. So I'd ask to slow down. And then speed up all defiantly. I was a mess. 

My legs, however, were totally good. They were like, "Okay, you do your complaining thing up there and we'll just be down here running, okay?" My legs felt great! And I didn't stop once. Even though I might have had to. I refused. I just kept turning random places so as to distract myself from everything.

I sounded like a twenty-year smoker by the end of it. So I can promise you, if it felt that way, I will never ever smoke a cigarette in my whole entire life. I know I'm one of those lame people. But it was so painful and such a struggle, I could just never do that to myself.

Sorry, I am not falling for the cool factor.

WOAH I'M PREACHING! I will not do that. I'm done, I promise.

So. Sickness. My chest being tight when I was running. Should I have stopped? When don't you run? Maybe I'm just tough. Yeah, that's it.

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