Monday, April 9, 2012


I haven't felt this accomplished since I won March Madness.

Yes, this happened, thankyouverymuch.

My training plan over this weekend called for a six mile run. Now, that is longer than I've ever thought of running (although...registering for a 10 miler might negate this statement) and I had doubts that I could do that. I pushed it to Sunday for an Easter run! Prior to our feast, naturally, Paul and I head out around my hometown for a nice little walk in the park.

That would be six miles. More than six miles.

I have got to tell you, it felt GREAT to finish this. It was super windy but the views of good old S-ville kept us going and it was awesome. We didn't walk at all, which was super exciting. And we were able to converse when we needed it or shut the heck up be quiet when we needed that too! It was wonderful! We had some nice discussions about the mental aspects of running. Apparently it helped us out.

Lesson of the Week: GET A RUNNING PARTNER.

At the beginning of this whole training process I brought up the idea of running the race together. His response was something along the lines of "Well, I think I'll run faster than you because I'm a boy."

And I just proved him wrong and acquired myself a racing partner. So THERE. :D

How was your Easter/Passover weekend? Paul and I hit up both holidays and so we were quite full by the time we returned home, I can tell you that.

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