Sunday, April 15, 2012

Junior Year?

WHERE DID YOU GO!? I feel like my life is speeding by so fast right now. I'm loving every second of it! Okay. Maybe not the few million seconds that I spend at Rita's, but that's okay. I try really hard anyway.

So with school winding down (eventually), I have a lot of plans fitness-wise on my plate. So if you want to know what's going on in my life, this is the post for you.

InMotion's Show and Auditions: I love my dance group so much. And our end of the year show is on April 22nd. THAT IS NEXT WEEK. It is going to be here before I know it, and I don't know if I can handle the excitement. But I get to pick some great new girls for the team next year when auditions come around. So that will be fun!

My heart literally swells when I think of these girls. :)

Broad Street Run: You know, that little race I've been training for. I'm really nervous about it, I'm not going to lie. I go through waves of being really confident and really terrified. It's an interesting experience. Today I ran five miles instead of four and it was ROUGH. But I did them anyway and pushed through them. The fact that I can do that keeps me looking up. Also, the fact that I bought new running clothes yesterday helps me too. :)

My new love and obsession. Thank you for being so amazing.

Dedication to Stretching: I know I've talked about Bess Be Fit on here before, but my admiration has risen to a whole new level! She and Lauren from Peanut Butter Powered are issuing a challenge! The task is to dedicate at least twenty minutes a day to stretching. It can be of any kind! You just have to streeeetch. Stretching makes me feel free, loose, and happy so I think this is an awesome challenge and I'm really excited to start. They have GREAT blogs, so I really suggest you check them out if you want some fitness role models. :)

I am way too excited for this.

Becoming a Beach Babe: I have heard so much about Tone It Up. SO MUCH. I'm not sure if their diet plan will work for me, mostly because I don't want to drop over $100. However, I'm super inspired by their workouts and so I'm joining their second annual Bikini Series! I'm really excited to see how this works out (get the pun?) and see how it makes me feel! Also, if anybody has anything they want to share about their plan, please don't hesitate to tell me. I want to know all that I can! I also might invest in the new DVD. So if you want to share anything about that too, that works!

Our first challenge was to share the challenge. COMPLETED!

COLOR! I am officially signed up for Color Me Rad in Philadelphia and could not be more excited. Thanks to Groupon it was half price! I promptly used the money saved to invest in a white tutu to wear. I don't know if Paul will acknowledge me during this race because of it, but I am SO EXCITED. JOIN ME! :)

I almost peed my pants when I got my registration e-mail.

Staying Immersed in Dance: This summer, I am lucky enough to have an internship with BalletX! They are a more modern ballet company associated with the Wilma Theater on Broad Street. I am so unbelievably pumped to be a part of their team. I'm also crazy excited to stay surrounded by dance lovers during the summer. So I'm counting it as fitness. So there.

So there's that! There's also my job, some more schooling, some Philles games, some beach runs, maybe ziplining, etc. It's going to be an awesome summer! I'm going to miss camp dearly, but I can't commute that far for a job with a camp paycheck. But I'm sure I'll go visit sometimes. Hopefully, if they let me. Casey, are you reading this? :)

Anything exciting for you to share with me? Signed up for either of the races that I'm running? Do you love tutus? Let me know!
*All pictures were taken from the websites of the people/companies/races I talked about. I'm not trying to pass them off as my own. Except for InMotion's. That one is awesome.

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