Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Hour

Just a quick check-in today for my Tone It Up Happy Hour challenge. They asked for ten things we're grateful for and I gave. :)

1. Waking up before Paul and pestering him until he decides to wake up.
2. Wearing purple all day. With a pink sports bra.
3. My dance team. Forever and always.
4. When people donate.
5. Finally coming home after a long day.
6. When people ask to take your shift so you don't have to go into work.
7. My friends.
8. The fact that I get to run tomorrow and keep thinking about it.
9. Making plans for summer and getting ready to kick butt.
10. Getting mail! I have a package that I think is my Beach Babe DVD and I'm pumped. :)

What made YOU happy today? :)

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