Monday, September 12, 2011

Better Than Jersey

So we're back. Last Monday I was full of angst and I was hungry all day and just generally upset. I am happy to report that this Monday has been much more of a success! But before Monday comes Sunday, and before that comes Saturday.

Saturday was an early morning, but I was willing to actually move in the morning because I knew I had the promise of the beach waiting for me. I was a little unsure about my level of energy, but I knew I was taking Sunday off so I decided to set the alarm anyway. We set off on a public transit adventure to get us to the Mediterranean.

On the way we made a pit stop at some ancient ruins. Ostia Antica is known as the harbor city of Ancient Rome. Now, you see. I love Rome, I really do. And I love learning about the ancient ruins and seeing how things progressed and why they progressed and whatnot. But it was hot. And I had my bathing suit on. And let me tell you, I just wanted to get to the freaking beach. 

BUT I DIGRESS. Shallowness aside, it was really cool to see everything that they've uncovered so far. We even saw a team doing an excavation type deal. It's cool stuff, it really is! And it's beautiful, I'll give you that one. So clearly I wasn't stopped from going picture happy.

See? It's crazy if you think about it.

My life in ruins. HA. HA. I've been waiting for that one.

Rome hasn't made me more mature. Sorry.


Clarice and Schmal sitting in the nosebleeds.

Paul on the steps of the capitolium. Big stuff.

So yeah! It was really cool and I promise I appreciated where I was and all that. 

I might have liked this a tiiiiiiny bit more.

Yeah, that's right. THAT'S THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA RIGHT THERE. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!?! Guys, I cannot even tell you how beautiful this beach was. The water was amazing, the sand was amazing, the SUN was PERFECT. I swear if we stayed longer, it would have set in the absolute perfect spot. I am in love with this beach, just as I am with every other one. OH MY GOD. Except for this one was in Italy. And. I mean. Some ladies didn't have their bathing suits on. But  I mean. It's Europe, and I just ignored it. I wish I could be mature, but as I stated before, I seem to have an issue with that.



My feet are gone :)

Reading Cosmo because that's what we do.


Our view. With no naked ladies in sight.

There's a really cool picture of me jumping with Nathaniel, but Leann seems to have better things on her mind. Like homework. For real?


Sam Krone, I hope you are reading this and seeing this.

So we left the beach after too short of an amount of time, but what can you do? Leann, Sarah, Paul, and I had a date with a whole bunch of food. There's this thing, I'm not sure if you've heard of it. It's called an Aperitif. So here's the deal. You pay nine euro or something like that. You get one drink of choice and then you can help yourself to as much food as you want from the buffet bar. I took HUGE advantage of this eating opportunity, as did the others. Sarah was a lovely date and taught me how to make sounds with the glass her beer came in. I felt like Sandra Bullock. :)

All of our choices. 

I got a SoCo with ginger ale. Hopefully making mah biff proud.

Sarah in a thing we found. Maybe a spaceship, I'm not sure.

So Saturday was a super busy day and I was absolutely exhausted. Went to sleep, did the whole crying thing, watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother, did homework, slept, woke up, and it was Monday!

As I said before, MUCH BETTER MONDAY. 

I switched into my English class, which was not so bad at all! Also, I ate a whole lot better today, so my belly wasn't as angry at me as it usually is. And I didn't cry once today, so thank goodness for small things. It was a really lovely day for being a Monday. The weather was beautiful and I was in a wonderful mood. I went to the supermarket and the market successfully today as well! That's probably why I was so happy to eat. Sarah and I also were super productive with our Italian learning.


Breakfast and Italian. :)

I am super happy. I'm getting a handle on this and everything is wonderful. It's nice to think that way. Hopefully I'll have the same result with Tuesday as I did with Monday and tomorrow is brilliant as well. We'll see! Also, my fall break plans are in the works. So keep an eye out. As soon as my debit card gets unfrozen I'll have plane tickets...:)

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