Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Still Here!

So I suppose by the sudden lack of posting, you've figured out classes have gotten me crazy busy. If you hadn't worked that out, I'm here to tell you right here and right now. My Monday through Wednesday is absolutely packed and crazy. By the time Thursday rolls around, I want to use all my free time to relax. It's a good thing we get Fridays off in this crazy country. :)

But! I'm going to have to make a change to my schedule! My sociology class that went late into the night needed to be changed, thanks to my new (crazy) schedule demands. Exercise and Sport Science is, you know, a four year major. And here I am prettttty darn late in the game jamming it in there. Everything I do has to be exciting, you know. Point is, I have to take an English class over here to help finish my old trusty Theater major. I know this semester is basically deemed "a waste" but I can already tell you I am not going to regret it for even a second. I'm sure my bank account will, but that's besides the point.

So enough about my school life. I'll give you more of my Rome life. Sorry it hasn't been too exciting. On Wednesday we did a video for a flash mob. They're going to connect it with one back at main campus and it'll be like I'm dancing RIGHT THERE. I can't tell you when it is, otherwise you won't be surprised, but keep those peepers peeled. It was a late night, but I was SO HAPPY TO BE DANCING. I don't even care that it was a rinky dink easy dance in comparison. I was LOVING it.

My thighs weren't. But that's okay.

Yesterday we went out to Gay Village for it's final weekend. And I danced some more. I had such an amazing time. I really did. I loved every single second of it. Even the ride back home at fouro'clockinthemorning. No matter.

This morning I got up to get ready to go to a University of Rome tour. It's the biggest university in Europe and the second biggest in the world. It's crazy to think about, but it's huuuge. I think it's something like 150,000 students? Maybe? Unless I'm stupid and that's totally wrong.

Don't look into her eyes or you fail.

Huge lecture hall. Getting educated.

They've got a museum. This was my only picture of an appropriate statue. Jeez.

AND it looks like Hawaii.

If that's not enough, it only costs about 1500 euros a year. A. YEAR. If you go to a private university its about 7000 euros per year. It's making my future at Temple look pretty friggin' expensive. I should just learn Italian and move here.

Some lunches I made.

I show you this last picture because, ladies and gentlemen, those are tomatoes. I EAT TOMATOES OFFICIALLY!!!!! WITHOUT SQUIRMING!!! I'm so proud of myself I can't even tell you. My sandwich is clearly the one on the right because of the cheese, but STILL. Look at me go. Speaking of domestic chores...

Check out that laundry.

I did my laundry so I'll have clothes to wear this week! The washer is three whole euros, which is mad expensive. But I wasn't going to do all of that by hand. At least I'm saving two by hanging them out to dry. Granted, that's the only drying rack we have and there's no space, so they'll probably be wet forever. Nevermind the fact that it's two in the morning and they're still out on the balcony drying. I'm not wearing them right now.

Speaking of two in the morning. I really need to go to bed. Because this girl's going to the beach tomorrow! In Italy! And yes! I'm going to wear a bathing suit. :)

Ignore my awesome face and check out this guy. :)

BUT BEFORE I SAY GOODNIGHT. I would like to say a very, very, very special happy birthday to my lovely friend and brother WILLIAM PAZDZIORA. I MISS YOU SO MUCH, KID. Your crazy antics are dearly missed in my life, and I can't wait to see you again! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!! HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY!!!

On that note, goodnight! :)

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