Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mi Piace

That title means I like. I like a lot of things. First of all, I love my roommates. They make me so happy and they put up with all of my shenanigans. Plus our kitchen always smells fantastic. Plus they don't wake me up in the morning. Plus they're awesome. Plus we stay up late and giggle. Plus a lot of other stuff. So happy with the rooming situation.

I'm also happy for TODI!

Can you check out this freaking view?

It's overcast but still gorgeous.

Todi is a medieval hill town with a spectacular view in Umbria, which is north of Rome. It's chock full of churches and it is such a nice town. The churches are so beautiful, as they are most places in Italy, I assume. Little known trivia fact if you ever need to know anything about Todi. I mean, my friends and I are huge Jeapordy! fans so you never know when you'll need it. Eagles are everywhere in the town because back in the day, legend has it that an eagle dropped a table cloth where they were to construct the town to be safe and survive and all that jazz. At least that's what I gathered!

So we walked around Todi for about two hours. So I've got pictures for you! :)

Allison and Jules on top of a hill!

Diagonator! How we got up the hill!

Woah. I wish I could capture this better. But I suck.

I miss you, theater!

Stray cat in Todi.

Delicious. I also had a chocolate cannoli for bestest buddy. :)

We climbed a LOT of stairs.

Jules took this amazing picture that I'm in love with.

So that was my overload of Todi for you. I have so many more pictures if anybody is interested, but I don't want to force you guys into looking at all of it. It was really nice wandering around a sleepy town on a Sunday morning enjoying a really amazing view. But we were off to another little town for a delicious and huge meal. We went to a castle (legit castle, how cool) to eat in Titignano. It was another beautiful place and the sun came out. I also took pictures of all my food like a nerd. It was all delicious and there was wine with it. It was absolutely brilliant and I cannot believe it was free to us. I mean. Besides tuition, of course. Which is practically nothing, right? ;) I missed the outside food because I was too busy eating. But it's important to note that I ate EVERYTHING.

Nice little meat plate.

Cheese quiche. 

Risotto with asparagus. I ate it all.

Pasta that I don't remember with WILD BOAR SAUCE. So good.

Venison. I got seconds. No big. Sorry Bambi.


Green stuff. With olive oil.

Tiramisu and biscotti that I DESTROYED.

Espresso. And a full packet of sugar. I didn't finish this. My bad. Eek.

The best part is, I'm sitting here about five hours later and my stomach is starting to rumble. Who would have thought I could eat so much? At least they were small serving sizes. That's all I have going for me.  Honestly, this was an amazing day trip and I loved every single second of it. Even our bus ride was amazing. It's about time I introduce you to Gianni.

I love this man.

Gianni has been so great this entire week. And I was lucky enough to get on his bus today. He pointed a bunch of stuff out to us as we wandered through Italy. He's the nicest man and I love hearing him speak Italian. There's a video of me dancing with him floating around somewhere. We spent the forty minutes from Todi to Titignano singing songs into the microphone, learning how to sing and dance in Italian, and just being awesome overall. 

It's great. He's great. Come to Rome and meet him. Now since I've already overwhelmed you all with so many pictures, I might as well freaking go all out. Right? Tomorrow is my first day of classes and I've got three of them lined up. I have to get up tomorrow to be in class by two o'clock. It's a rough life, you know? I'm really, really excited for my Italian class because I've only heard good things about my professor. So I'm sure I'll have a report of my first two days of class, but I can't promise pictures. So I gotta go out with a bang. :)

I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. 

Last bite. The good version. I've got an ugly version if you want. :)

Pasquale and his drinking problem. 

After dinner happy belly meat eaters!

Adam's a depressed wine drinker. Leann is not. 


Last but not least, I have a special message to Michael. Michael, this is the second time you've been mentioned in my blog. If you are not reading this freaking thing, I WILL FIND OUT. And you WILL break my heart.


Do you think that's enough video/picture content for you all? I can do more if you want! ;)

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