Saturday, September 3, 2011

Living in Rome

Last night was a bit of a failure if you look at it with the expectations of actually going somewhere. BUT. I don't count it as a failure because I'm one of those annoying optimists. We kind of just wandered around last night. We tackled some public transportation, walked to the Tiber, and wandered around that area. We went to the more Americanized place at night called Campo di Fiori and we immediately turned around and walked out. We're in Italy, so we've decided to try to be Italians and not surrounded by people speaking English. So we wandered...somehow found our way back to Old Bridge, and ate some more gelato. Oops.

Today I got to sleep in again which is AWESOME. I got my permit to stay and my Italian cell phone. Fancy stuff, lemme tell ya. But now you can text me or call me fo free. For me, anyway. ;) Spent a good chunk of money, but hopefully my big spending is over now.

I might name him. But I don't know any fancy Italian names.

He is OLD. SCHOOL. But I love him already. I really only bought him as a vibrating alarm clock. But he's a nice little convenient bugger.


Somebody wanted his own picture. :)

Today was a kind of chill day for me because I definitely needed it. I finally took that nap that I had been wanting since I got here. I'mma let you in on a little secret. The second I got here, I got sick. I've had a sore throat since reaching Rome and I had a headache pretty much 24/7. I refused to take my temperature, but I did take Tylenol once. I kept it a secret so nobody would worry and think I was having an awful time. I'm feeling better now though! So I probably needed that nap more than I imagined. 

ANYWAY. Chill day. So I took pictures of our lovely Italian apartment so you guys can see kind of where we're living! There's also a balcony, but I didn't get a picture of it because I couldn't get the door open. Long story. Sorry they're pretty not good. You need to understand, Italians like their apartments small, so it was very hard to find a nice angle for this. Plus I'm not a fancyschmancy photographer. No complaints, dude.


Oh, I see you've turned around!

This is our bathroom. Yes, there's a butt cleaner thing (bidet). No, I don't use it. This is why.

Bedroom. It's nice and snuggly. I got the single bed. 


Kitchen and dining. There's the balcony door.

That's our gas stove. That you have to light.

Yup. That's right. You can't see them, but there are matches right out of the shot. I've become such a genius with lighting it. I wanted Paul to take a picture of me lighting it when we were making dinner, but he did not indulge me in such nonsense. SPEAKING OF DINNER.


Honestly, everything we make here just makes me so happy. This is just pasta, tomato sauce, garlic, olive oil, parmesan, and cheesybread. MOZZARELLA CHEESE. MELTED IN THE OVEN. The oven that breaks every time you use it. I've learned to deal. Also, we DO have one electric burner, I should note. But the two times we've tried to use it, we've blown a fuse. So we stay away from that and play with fire instead. Also in this picture is my lovely water bottle from Adam. :)

I should note I'm having a love affair with cheese. 

He is too. It's mutual.


Suck it up, buttercups. That's nothing like what we have to deal with every day. In Rome, people seem to not be able to keep their mouths and tongues away from each other for less than a minute. I have seen about twenty couples HARDCORE full of PDA since I've been here. I wish I were lying. I really do. It's uncomfortable. So be ready if you come to Rome. Beware.

I'm off to Todi tomorrow, so you're going be overwhelmed with pictures. I'm so, so excited. And we get a fifteen course meal. Fofree. CHECK IT.

I leave you with this.

I rented this for the semester.

I wish. I'm jealous.

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