Friday, September 16, 2011

Did It Explode?

Guess what? My Tuesday was better too! :) I'm super enjoying life, and that always makes me happy and stuff, you know? I decided to head into my rough class day with a good attitude, and it super payed off. I made some sandwiches and silently cursed anybody who tried to steal my bag today, because they would steal an amazing lunch. Nobody tried, so it worked or something.

This Tuesday, we went to some old Roman baths and one of the National Museums of Rome. And somebody actually had time to take notes and pictures at the same time. So I'm pretty proud, not going to lie.

Our meeting place for class. Nice morning, yeah?

This was SO PRETTY inside. But I won't overwhelm you.

This was my favorite statue. I'm a nerd. But it stuck with me and stuff.

Pretty fresco. I had to show you because my flash went off. Big no-no.

So I got through Tuesday. And it was good stuff! After we came back from class, my lovely roommate Leann had a special Philadelphia treat for us. She made us CHEESESTEAKS WITH FRENCH FRIES. I gotta tell you, it was amazing and delicious and all those other adjectives and it made me miss Philly for a tiny bit. But only slightly so. I also figured out my classes for the rest of my college career and hopefully I'll only graduate a year late. WOO!

Fast forward to Wednesday morning! Hooray! Another day of classes, but my 6-7:30 class was cancelled and I was super happy about that. Today was really nice for me because I had the morning to myself really. I travelled to and from school by myself. And you must understand, I really needed some Amanda time, so I enjoyed this thoroughly. And also, during my English class, I felt like such a nerd. There I was (getting sunburn through the window, but I digress), sitting in class, CONNECTING WITH DANTE'S INFERNO. So I suppose you could say I'm enjoying the class. I felt enlightened. Something special. Haha.

So with a cancelled class came another special treat. I got to see a dance opera in the Roman forum. No big deal, really. Gianni used to dance with their company, so we got to meet the choreographer. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The lifts were spectacular and every time somebody left the ground I was in awe. It didn't matter that I couldn't understand one word of it. It was amazing. And I was in the forum. No big deal.


My favorite dancer in the show. Also no big deal.

Good end to a Wednesday night. Thursday was my one class day so Paul, Adam, and I decided to use our museum tickets to visit some of the other museums that are included in the admission. We also decided to go to another aperativo, so I was super pumped. We went to a place called Fluid. It was priced really well and SUPER worth it. The food was delicious, and our drinks were quite tasty as well. Somebody didn't have their camera, so I need to give one hundred percent credit for these pictures to Paul. I am not trying to steal them or sell them off as my own, and I am not posting them on Facebook. And done.

I can't understand Italian. No idea what I'm reading.

Some china patterns for us to pick out.

Standing in the center. Being a star, you know.

This is where my five pieces of Tiramisu went. No shame.

This is our drinks exploding.

You see, we got delicious daiquiris of various fruity flavors. Through the course of our getting up numerous times for the food, Adam's drink somehow fell over and spilled. Also, the glass broke. Even though it didn't make sense where it broke at all. So Adam and I tried to explain to the waitress what happened. We were managing quite well actually! She asked if it exploded and we both got very confused. Apparently because of the candles on the tables, sometimes the glasses shatter. So there you have it. Keep frozen drinks away from fancy tea lights. And that's that. 

Also, I'm really proud we struggled through an English/Italian conversation.

And that's what's been going on in my life. I've been taking advantage of today's lack of class. A few episodes of How I Met Your Mother later, I'll be going out to the Trastevere area with Paolo this evening. It should be exciting! In other news, I really miss running and doing my workout-y sorts of things, and now that we're more settled in, hopefully I can get my butt back into gear. Maybe that's why I get so ansty so easily. I miss those endorphins, you see. But I hope you all have wonderful weekends and keep your glasses from exploding. :)

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