Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lots of Catch-Up

Life is still awesome. I know back home, I've talked to some of you that have those "college" moments. Where you walk down the street and you're just like, "Oh. Wow. I'm in college." Well, I'm having them, but in Rome. And it's really cool and actually making me super happy instead of sad. So that's really nice. Since I last left you, I've been eating delicious things, doing some fun things, and going to school.

School's good, I'm participating, doing my homework, you know. The school stuff.

Last Friday night (good lord, I'm sorry) was date night! A bunch of my friends went to Venice last weekend, but I decided to stick around Rome. This was partly because I'm in Rome and figure I should get to know Rome, and partly because I'm trying to save up my money. But I might be going on a trip next weekend.

Side note: I still haven't gotten my fall break plane tickets. It's frustrating and dumb. It's coming though, I swear.


We went to a place called Trastevere to eat and walk around and do all that fun stuff. I will not harass and bore you guys with date nights, but I tell you. This one needs to be brought to your attention, because it was SO FREAKING DELICIOUS.

This is where we ate.

Bruschetta con ricotta e pesto.

Pizza con pomodori, mozzarella, e salame picante.

Calzone con ricotta e NUTELLA.


This dessert was absolutely amazing. We got a small one and split it, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have exploded afterwards. Nutella would be everywhere, and nobody would like it. We cleaned our plates hardcore. And I'm not one bit ashamed.

After that we wandered around a bit. We wound up at the Trevi Fountain where I subsequently missed on my first two wish tries AND got hit with somebody else's wish. But I still think it'll come true. Nothing to worry about. There were people EVERYWHERE and we were there at 10:30 or so. It was fun to see everybody making their wishes. It was also fun to discuss Disney World, because that's my favorite topic. Well. One of them.

It was so pretty. :)

Second dessert? I can deal. We walked an awful lot.

We finished it no problem, don't worry.

Just now as I'm uploading pictures, I realize this is going to have a lot of pictures. So sorry if you don't like my face. Or Paul's. Or Rome. Get out. :)

The next day was fun! We went to the Stadio Olympico and got our minds blown by how amazing it was. We also went to Scholar's Lounge to watch a certain game that I will not mention. Lots of shouting and being obnoxious. For nothing. But I digress.

Here. Look at the happy part of that day.

This is the ground. The detail ON THE GROUND. It's nuts.

The globe? Maybe? At one time?

Pictures are never going to do it justice. So ready for 2012.

Getting crazy with the statues. At least he's clothed.

I'm close enough to an Olympian.

I spent the day pretending I was in the business school.

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. SOMEBODY GET ME TO THE OLYMPICS. It will be on in my apartment all day, every day this summer. You wait. If you think I'm joking, you've got another think coming.

Is it think or thing? Because I always thought it was thing. But then I saw it with think used and it got my mind wondering.


Sunday: homework, gelato, eating, chilling, HIMYM
Monday: school, blah, more school, HIMYM (always)
Tuesday: freaking art history, school


Last night at nine, we had a round table where we all crammed into a classroom and Gianni brought us a bunch of Italians. We asked each other questions of all sorts. Found out where to go, what they thought of Americans, brought up the bidet issue, all kinds of stuff. Then afterwards we got more food (I swear, I'm not ginormous. Yet.) and got to talk to the Italians on a more one-on-one level. It was nice! And we learned some words in Italian, so that was cool. 

Our new friend. I'm such a creep, asking to take pictures.

They also decided this would be a good time to debut our flash mob video. It was hilarious, and I was literally in tears the whole time because I was laughing so hard. But it was great and I loved it. LOVED IT.

Just in case you haven't seen it. What up?

Tell me it's not stuck in your head after that.

I'm super proud of everybody that did it, and I had a great time making it. I love dancing.

But you probably already knew that.

Now today I'm lazing around a bit before class. I figure I'll shower and run to the market. Those seem like big girl things to do.

BUT BEFORE I GO. I have a very important message, to a very important relative of mine.

Disney. <3


Best picture of our liiiiiives.

Even though it's a really uneventful birthday party-wise, AT LEAST YOU'RE A BIG GIRL NOW. Although, I'm twenty and it hasn't set in yet. So good luck with that.

It's sparkling apple juice, calm down.

And hey, last night I told Adam I'd make sure you were twenty-one before I was married so you could have a nice time at the wedding/pre-wedding festivities.

You're in my thoughts, chick-a-dee.

Freaking A. More Disney.

And even though our attractive pictures are not on the plentiful side, I love you and miss you SO VERY MUCH. HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY AND DON'T SMOKE BUT BUY A LOTTERY TICKET OR SOMETHING. What else can you get? 

Oh. Don't buy that. That's gross.

I'm sorry I'm ruining your life by using Disney stuff.

It's lurking around every corner. I know you're afraid. Don't forget last year. Say happy birthday to my sister if you see her, people.


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