Thursday, September 1, 2011

Questo o Quello?

Slowly but surely, I will learn Italian. It's going to happen. My title, for instance, means This or That. It has absolutely nothing to do with this post except for my recent Italian little words lesson. But I'll get to that.

First off, happy September! It's been a long year, but it's been a great year, so I can only expect this month to bring more lovely things. How's that for optimism? :)

Yesterday was an orientation day and a very long day, so it called for a bit of a nap. You know how normally orientation sucks something awful? You should probably come to Rome, then. The only thing this orientation did for me was make me about 395703 times more excited than I already was. I really couldn't be happier with how Temple Rome handles things and they really do their best to get us ready and excited for the next couple of months. I highly recommend coming to Rome. Just do it. Look at me. I've been here for roughly two days and I'm already selling it. I guess that's good though!

The other wonderful thing about orientation is the free food. There were so many little sandwiches and they're just so tasty. That may just be because I'm convinced to love everything I try here. But somehow seven of them found their way home with me and are sitting in my fridge. They're great for snacking. And a happy stomach means Amanda isn't cranky. And isn't that what we all want?

But for real. After that we went on a RUN! I RAN IN ROME! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! It was also my first time taking the Metro to where we ran. We went to the Villa Borghese, which is a huge park that is absolutely amazing. It was hilly and even though I didn't run my usual distance, it was amazing to be running with a bunch of people. And in such a nice place. I'm definitely going to keep that up.

Showering happened, I promise. Then we went out to dinner. We were going to tackle ordering dinner in Italian. I got pizza and beer. Which still sounds weird to say, and I'm sure my parents love hearing about the alcohol I drink, but it is what it is. :) IT WAS DELICIOUS! Again, I could be bias. But the cheese was amazing and I love Italy and it's cheese. Ohmygod. There is no way I can be lactose intolerant. There's just no way. (For people who don't know, I've been having this weird issue with throwing up ice cream. Whatever. No big.) I successfully asked the waitress for the check and told her to keep the change in Italian. It was such a victory, it made my day.

We then decided to go out because, well, we're in Rome. So we found our way to this lovely place on the river where there's a bunch of people and it's a good atmosphere. Don't know what it's called. Can't tell you where exactly it is. But yeah. We sat down and talked with new friends and it was really great. I'm a sucker for conversation. I had a sangria and split a banana daiquiri. SorryMomandDad. I still can't drink red wine. The sangria was rough to get down. I'm sure my family is laughing at that. But the banana daiquiri was amazing. Quite thoroughly enjoyed it.

Long walk back. 3am. Tired. Sleep like a rock. Wake up early for walking tour.

I had a ham and cheese sandwich and banana for breakfast. If that's exciting. It was for me, but you probably don't care as much. haha.

The walking tour was a nice way for us to learn the area. It was very tiring and my feet are still feeling it. One thing I love about Rome is the water. They have these special water fountains and thanks to the aqueducts (I'm assuming?) we have delicious water. I'll have to take a picture because you really have to see them to believe them.

Speaking of pictures. I'm actually here, I swear.

Friends! In Rome!

SEE? Oh, but this could be anywhere. I getcha.

Mad jeals, no? ;)

The walk was great. It was long and hot, but I was in Rome, so I didn't care too much. We stopped to eat, but I had another sandwich to save some money. We went to a LOT of churches. I may still be a practicing Catholic if I got to go to church over here every day. They're AMAZING. Each and every one. We went to the Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori as well. They were really cool to see.

Fountain. I've seen so many naked statues.

These are everywhere. Thanks Egypt!

The Spanish Steps tilt. Duh. Or I fail.

I get to see stuff like this everyday. I am so lucky, I can't even explain it. After the walk, we had another walk back to the Residence because somebody I know hasn't gotten their Metro/bus monthly pass yet. A correct one anyway. I've been a little distracted, can you blame me? It was a lot of walking, and I was separated from a bunch of people because of small groups for the walk. But that means MORE PEOPLE TO MEET! So that was good. Luckily, my day had a travel buddy.

This is Paul, for those of you who don't know him.

On our way back, I whipped out my Italian phrase book and we went to town. We now know how to say all those little words that everybody needs but nobody really knows how to say. So HOPEFULLY we can start combining our words into actual sentences and be understood. Maybe.

Tonight we have a cooking demonstration. Being the nerd I am, I am PUMPED. I'm supposed to be napping, but I seem to have run out of time because of this blog. When I say "we napped," generally I mean "Most people napped and I complained about how badly I needed a nap but I blogged instead." It's life. I also hope to get my Metro/bus pass. So we'll see how I handle myself.

I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL. Please tell me about your lives too! I want to stay in the loop! Also, look what I found on my camera.

This is Michael. Love you, big bro. :) 

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