Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everybody's having a wonderful day. And goodness knows, Rita's is open, so feel free to stop by because I'm one of the lucky ducks working there. Woohoo.

So before I head over there, I'm thinking about something. Last week I did the 5 Day Slim Down from the Tone It Up nutrition plan. I didn't take my measurements or weigh myself (I am vastly unprepared), but by the end of the five days I felt pretty fantastic.


I spent so much time focusing on food, I kind of forgot about my exercising. Sure, I still did it. But it was a little lackluster. And that's really what I care about.

So I'm confused.

I want the best of both worlds but I don't even know how to balance such a thing. So I'm just throwing that out there. My goal this week is to balance better.

So enjoy the rest of your day. :)

Leaving you with thoughts of cool. :)

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