Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I wish I knew where I found this. I love it.

Yesterday marked the last day of my junior year of college. It is for real flying by. So I went in yesterday to take my last final and then had lunch with my biff and PEACED out of there.

And then, of course, was greeted with this message this morning:

I JUST finished and you're welcoming me back?!

Regardless of that one class, I think this summer is going to be one of the most wonderful summers around. Ever since highschool I can remember thinking "THIS SUMMER IS AWESOME!" But then each year it gets better and better. And I am SUPER pumped for this one.

And what better way to kick it off than to visit my favorite park.

Citizen's Bank. :)


Aw yeah. Check the skills.

Cheesin' it up.

They lost to the Mets. Which was a headache. But it was still a nice outing! And we're going back next Monday, so hopefully things look a little better by then. Oof.

Today I'm running some errands and I'm heading into work at four. I get to close tonight, so I'm sure you can see the enthusiasm on my face. Besides that, I am hardcore fighting the urge to workout. I'm giving my legs ONE MORE DAY of rest before I kick it back into gear. So I'm trying to chill. But it's really hard when the majority of your twitter feed is from FitFluential members.


But I foam rolled and I feel one hundred percent better. Walking down the stairs at the stadium last night was so rough. It got to the point where I started side-shuffling down the stairs because it was a different motion than just walking. I thought it would make it better. And it did!

That, my friends, is some analytical thinking at it's finest. ;)

Are you as disappointed in the Phillies so far as I am? Rough start to the season.

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