Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teacher Tuesday

I hope all of you are enjoying the great weather outside. My shoulders are a bit browned from sitting out after class and I've had so much water today I almost wet my pants in my class. But that means I'm not dehydrated, right? :)

So I want to update you on a few things about my life.

Mainly that I went to yoga to day and started to use my bike to commute to work. It's one of the most awesome feelings when I get out at 11 after a looooong night of putting up with customers. I just get on my bike and zone out (I still watch traffic, Dad, don't worry) on the way home. It's a beautiful thing! COMMUTE. DO IT.

Also something that I want to tell you about? My new love and affection for Train. I've always loved their songs, but this is the first time I've become obsessive about it. It's been on my iPod all day and I just know that  my neighbors are in love with their music too.

This one I find particularly feisty and exciting. :)

My mind is buzzing about with ideas for choreography for the fall. So maybe I'll get a reign on that and give all those dancers out there some insight into my mind. If you're into that sort of thing.

I have to go grocery shopping and I'm excited for my eating this week. This is quite a nice pattern I'm getting into. I worked out this morning (She Sells Sea Shells thanks to Tone It Up) and this afternoon (the aforementioned yoga) too, so I'm kicking the week off right. YES. It feels good.

Now! During class today I was thinking about how I'm learning all of this information, maybe somebody would be interested in it too. So I'm calling today Teacher Tuesday. :)

Teacher Tuesday Hooray!

So today in Motor Behavior, we were talking about the different body systems. And we got to the Adipose System, which is comprised of the body's tissues. Specifically, we were talking about those cells that fat resides in. People always wonder why it's so easy to put fat back on after hard work and write it off as this, that, or the other thing. Oh ho ho! There's a physiological explanation!

First off, females tend to gain 26 pounds between age 20 and 50. Males, however, only gain about 18. (These are averages, ladies and gentlemen, not the law!) I don't know about you, but I'm a female at the beginning of that age group, and I'm not a huge fan of having that already against me. Granted, it makes sense. We need more fat to work as insulation and cushioning for those babies we're going to be brewing. Gross.

Did you know that we can "empty out" those cells that store fat, but those cells themselves are always going to be there? Unless you want to suck them out with a vacuum, you're always going to have the option of filling them with fat again. Picture a balloon. Even if you empty it of air, that balloon will still be there. AND it's going to be easier to inflate (i.e. fill with fat) the second time! That, my friends, is why it's so easy to gain weight back even if you lose it. Those cells are already stretched and ready!

The lesson from here, as per usual, is that you need to exercise and eat right!! Especially as you grow older. But also when you're younger. So you should just do it all the time and every age. :)

 Did you learn anything exciting today?

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