Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh No, My Cookies!

Today is my first day of doing the Tone It Up program. I'm super excited about it, and I went to bed last night and couldn't stop thinking about it. Because I'm a nerd, but we already knew that. My first day of summer class was today, so I thought it would be perfect timing!

I woke up and my body did not so much agree with me. I was trying to do the Bikini Blaster #1 from Blogilates (I can't do all Tone It Up or I'd get antsy) and I started feeling not so hot. I was sweating in a weird way that wasn't actually producing sweat. So I assumed I was dehydrated. So I drank some water, as well as my Bombshell Spell and kept going. Only to run to the bathroom a few minutes later and moan and try desperately not to throw up.

Cookies are too wonderful to toss. [pinterest]
I choked down a Banana Split (which is DELICIOUS, by the way) and got myself together for class. During class I had a chocolate ZICO coconut water with some Perfect Fit protein mixed in. I grabbed an apple after class and I'm making lunch as soon as I finish typing this.

So hopefully the throw up scare was just a fluke. I don't know if it's psychological, but I feel pretty great today besides. My class wasn't bad at all and my building was wonderful. Temple is remodeling a lot of buildings and Pearson (where most Kines classes are) now has a light up ceiling. My classroom looks into it so there was a nice red/blue/green glow as he was going through the powerpoint. So while learning Motor Behavior, at least I'll have a nice light show!

Definitely better than nothing. :)

How's your Monday?

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