Thursday, May 31, 2012

Well, That's Done

Today I woke up feeling exhausted and with a headache. Maybe that's because you worked out a total of four times yesterday, Amanda. Clearly you're not in your peak condition anymore. Let's get there. Don't worry. It's not over exercising for the sake of over exercising. Just because I like doing fun things and those fun things require a lot of energy. What can I say?


I did not work out this morning, as I've been slowly slothing through trying to get accomplished. So I decided to make this the first day I commuted to class! I got there on time and everything like that. No trouble finding a spot to put my bike. I mean. It was 8:30am during the summer, there had better be a spot. Class was nice. Then I biked home.

And I don't know if you know this about North Philadelphians. But they like to jaywalk a LOT. I can't exclude myself from that group. But. Do not cross Broad Street when there are cars (AND BIKES, THANK YOU VERY MUCH) coming at you. Thankfully (I guess) I hit him and not a car. He got my tire against his shoe. I got a bloody ankle and a banged up knee.


But I digress. Today's a busy work day for me because I bop around from class to internship to Rita's. So this is just a mid-day, "hey how are you?"

And because it's Thursday, I want to leave you with something fun/motivational/nonsensical from now on. Most likely from Pinterest. Thursdays, frankly, are awfully long for me. So sometimes I need a little something to get through. Maybe you do too! :)

I would really, really, really love this. PLEASE. {p}

Do you have any rules for pedestrians out there? Or. What's your favorite animal?

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