Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Get It Now

When I was a little kid, I was the one who wanted to be outside most of the time. I would INSIST upon playing catch with my dad until he complained that he couldn't see the ball anymore because it was too dark. I'm sure he just wanted to go in at that point, but I wanted to stay out longer.

My partners in crime. Kate and Greg. :)

My best friend, her brother, and I would play games involving balls and swings, backyard soccer, and ride our bikes in undeveloped developments. That last thing right there. That was my favorite. :)

Well, last night, I suited up once again.

Er. Helmeted up.

Helmets can be sexy too, see?

Out to Kelly Drive we went as the sun was setting. I didn't want to come back in. Sure, my shirt had awkward sweat points and my head was schweating. Sure, my butt hurt every time I shifted a tiny little bit. But I loved every second of it. We went for around 7 miles, although I can't quite be sure. Next time we'll have to track it. Or at least take notice of when we turn around.

There are our bikes all cozy in the corner.

Please, do me a favor and go for a bike ride. Even if you don't have a bike, a bunch of places will let you rent them! That might just be in the city, I suppose, but it's worth a try to search for a place! I know for certain Philly has bike rentals along the river. It's quite lovely!

It's a great option for low impact cardio and it is a HECKUVALOT nicer than sitting inside on a stationary bike, but that's an option too! Spinning is wonderful and it gets your heart going. But sometimes I think it's nice to have this option. It's quite relaxing, for those of us who have problems sitting still and relaxing!

DO IT!!!

But I can't promise you you'll be comfortable sitting the next day. :)

And with that, I leave you with my artwork of the day:

You didn't think it was actual art, did you? You're welcome, Chiang and roommates.

What was your favorite activity as a kid?


  1. I used to love riding my bike. I wish it didn't have a flat tire so I could ride it again. hahaha
    If I could remember how...
    I'm technically not supposed to be running because of my bad knees, I'm supposed to bike instead. Maybe I should start...
    Because y'know it's important to have healthy knees.

    1. Oh I feel ya. I probably treat my knees a little worse than what they deserve. Haha.