Monday, May 14, 2012

The Talk

So this weekend I had The Talk with Paul. Not about where babies come from (although, I was informed by a four year old that God puts them there) or bodily changes or anything that usually inspires the two capital T's. No.

No. We aren't getting married.

I wish I could run on a beach.

For some reason, I was really antsy about bringing up the idea of joining Tone It Up to Paul. We really enjoy going out to dinner and dessert is included more often than not. But after feeling constantly tired and hungry, I decided there needed to be a change.

So I have officially purchased the Tone It Up nutrition plan. And I know a lot of people don't understand why or think I'm crazy. But Paul doesn't, and he's the only one who has to live with me. So as far as I'm concerned, I'm good to go. :)

Although making him pick up my sister is probably crazy.

I am really excited about this, but actually very very nervous and overwhelmed. It's not like they don't spell it out or anything like that, I just always get that way. So if anybody wants to send me words of support, I will be listening!


Are you on this program? Do you love it? I am so excited. :)

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