Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Thought Rainbows Were Nice?

My summer life has been pretty wonderful so far. Days full of errands and working out and nights full of sticky water ice. This is the life, yeah?

Well. There could be some beach involved, if I had anything to say about it.

They look so painless! [pinterest]

I guess the closest I can come to the beach right now is my Tone It Up! Beach Babe DVD. Today I did Bikini Arms, Booty and Abs. And let me tell you, I thought rainbows were supposed to be nice. But doing the abs work out last, I was struggling!

That being said, it really was an "Awesome Workout" as Karena likes to remind us. :)

On one of my errand runs this week, I got myself a library card! I sound like such a nerd it's absolutely ridiculous. But I did. I had never been into the Philadelphia Public Library, so I was overwhelmed. It's so lovely! I also tried to exit without showing the nice security guard my check-out receipt so I set off the alarms.

Whoops. Always need some sort of attention.

But when I was there, I picked up the book Still Missing by Chevy Stevens that Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers suggested for her online book club for May! I lovelovelove her blog but I've never participated in these because I didn't want to buy the books, but with my newfangled library card I have no excuse! ;)

So far, I LOVE it. I will post a review after I'm done and I'll link to Julie's page when she posts on the first of June!

Are you reading anything good lately?

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